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Mainstreet Systems is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
Mainstreet Systems in association with the Microsoft Partner Network
DentaLab for QuickBooks is designed to be used in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mainstreet Systems is a an intuit developer and we specialize in synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks products.


Our user group includes labs of all sizes in many countries. Some are very large with thousands of customers, some are part of corporate groups, some are part of dental offices,  some have multiple locations,  some are very small labs that value their independence, some are startups, some specialize, others are full service....the variety is amazing.


One thing they all have in common is that they have been wise to choose QuickBooks for their financial management and accounting. They all have found that synchronization of case management with QuickBooks provides for a higher degree of reliability and accuracy and that their voices have been heard in the development of the comprehensive set of features that available in DentaLab for QuickBooks.


These features cover both the traditional methods used in labs and the evolving technology involved in digital dentistry. There is strong support for providing excellent personalized customer service., for keeping up with government compliance and for the latest advances in both the computer and the dental lab industry.


So many labs tell us how much they love DQB. We want to say to them that we have not done this alone and a big chunk of the credit must be given to the engaged, responsive members of our user group.

Who is in our users group?

"We greatly appreciate all your support you have been giving us all these years...It has helped with our business greatly and we highly recommend DQB to our peers."


Ray Alde

Executive Officer

California, USA


To assure ongoing support for the user group


Our outstanding support program encourages user suggestions and participation, provides ongoing education, consulting, guidance, trouble-shooting, compliance with government regulations and new technology for computers and the lab.


During their trial and initial startup period, each lab is provided support at no charge. Upon completion of this, each lab is offered an optional support agreement with a fee based on their level of licensing and designed to be affordable for all. Included in each agreement is a monthly allotment of dedicated time at no additional charge and a low hourly rate for supplemental time. This is a program designed to be fair to all and to provide the base funding needed to assure knowledgeable personnel will be available to address their needs.


To discourage neglect and encourage keeping up-to-date with industry standards for their information systems, we also offer periodic updates to those who have not elected to have a support agreement. 


While many of our competitors have gone out of business or have given up having computer programmers in-house, we have continued to have expert software developers on staff and to follow the philosophy of this business model that has proven so successful. Because of this, we can offer many choices within our standard software as well as customization for your unique business methods and offerings.





Interested in more? Check out our excellent support program or what our clients have to say. 


We would love to talk with you.

Please contact us: by phone +1 (800) 257-4535 or email


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