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Mainstreet Systems is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
Mainstreet Systems in association with the Microsoft Partner Network
DentaLab for QuickBooks is designed to be used in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mainstreet Systems is a an intuit developer and we specialize in synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks products.

DentaLab for QuickBooks Customizations



"Elaine wrote the book on Dental Lab Software and her company Mainstreet Systems and Software continually raises the bar."


Shane Purnell

Missouri, USA


We provide four levels of customizations options so you can customize DentaLab for QuickBooks exactly how you want it.

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Review our different levels of customization


In order to add to the convenience and flexibility of DentaLab for QuickBooks we offer a number of ways each lab can customize the system to meet their own preference and requirements.


We view these customizations at four levels: 



  1. Built-In Features

  2. Forms and Reports

  3. Larger Customizations

  4. Custom Programming



Check out the differences of each level below 



Built-In Features

Level 1: Built-In Features


This level of customization is achieved through choices already built into the system. These are part of the design and there is no additional charge for these.

Basic Lists:

In Basic Lists, you have the opportunity to enter your unique setups for customers, items and work centers, as well as a number of case-related tables such as case stages, lab notes, standard procedures, price levels, shades, tooth charts.  

Custom Fields:

You can create custom fields for the customers, items and cases tables. For each of these tables, you have up to 10 custom fields. You give each field a unique name and then can enter up 50 characters for each field.

Options / Settings:

In this menu there are many choices divided into categories for your company, synchronization, cases, invoices, purchase orders. For some of these, there are further categories such as work tickets and dashboards.

Forms and Reports

Level 2: Forms and Reports


The structure of the system has been designed to accommodate custom versions of your forms and reports. For these, we work with you to design the specifications and then use a reporting tool to develop the format. 


Labs often use the monthly no-charge time designated in their support agreement to achieve this level of customization. Supplemental time and its billing are typically very nominal in cost.


DentaLab for QuickBooks has hundreds of forms and reports.

The most commonly customized reports are the following:   

  1. Work Tickets

  2. Invoices

  3. Packing Lists / Slips

  4. And much more!



Larger Customizations

Level 3: Larger Customizations


Beyond this, we will try to accommodate special requirements within the framework of the standard system. If a lab's needs are so unique that they cannot fit into the standard format, then we create a custom version that is separate from the standard user-group version. This is a far more expensive route and typically has been chosen only by corporate groups and very large independent labs. 

Custom Programming

Level 4: Custom Programming


Want something beyond what DentaLab for QuickBooks Level 1 through level 3

customizations offer?


Check out what we can do with Custom Programming!

Interested in a DentaLab for QuickBooks Customizations?

If you are interested in our DQB Customizations we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact us: by phone +1 (800) 257-4535 or email


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