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Mainstreet Systems is a an intuit developer and we specialize in synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks products.

DentaLab for QuickBooks



Case Management, Invoicing, QuickBooks Synchronization, Reports and more...



"Elaine wrote the book on Dental Lab Software and her company Mainstreet Systems and Software continually raises the bar."


Shane Purnell

Missouri, USA



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DentaLab for QuickBooks (DQB) synchronizes your customer/job, employee, item, and invoicing information with QuickBooks. You can also include vendor information to create case purchase orders. It can be licensed for one or multiple computer workstations, providing all of the features listed below. 


We also offer a less expensive option DentaLab for QuickBooks Starter for labs that need synchronized case management and accounting for use on a single computer. This version can be upgraded to the standard version if your lab wants to add more users or the supplements.

Full Control


DentaLab for QuickBooks provides all of the basic components for entry, scheduling and tracking of cases or work orders based on dental prescriptions.

Streamline Your Operation


More time producing income, less time organizing and searching. DentaLab for QuickBooks has advanced case management so that you can easily determine the progress and shipment of your case.

Provide Personalized Communications and Service


Quickly find, make changes, and set custom preferences for all of your customers by work center and by item. In addition you can record and then have handy case plans, alerts, notes on case communications, activity logs, images and documents whenever needed. 

Generate Both Standard and Unique Reports


A comprehensive variety of reports is provided for you to analyze cases, check due dates, track production, quality control issues, sales, technician productivity and more. You can easily choose your own criteria to limit or expand the reports, then display, print or save to a number of industry-standard formats.  

Add-On Supplements


Image and document capture, storage and retrieval, barcode scanning to track cases, quality control and shipping, technician productivity, automatic email update notifications, online doctor prescription portal, tablet workflow. Check out the details here.

The Best Support in the Industry


At Mainstreet Systems and Software Inc we strive to provide our customers with the best possible support in the industry. Our technical support personnel are highly trained and will meet all your expectations. On top of the outstanding support there are a ton of additional benefits. Check out the details here.

DQB Requires QuickBooks


Don't have QuickBooks yet? No problem! Check out our QuickBooks Affiliate page for exclusive discounts on their software. We recommend QuickBooks Pro for DentaLab for QuickBooks.

“We greatly appreciate all your support you have been giving us all these years…It has helped our business greatly and we highly recommend DQB to our peers."


Ray Alde

Executive Officer

California, USA

DentaLab for QuickBooks Preview

Setup and Scheduling Flowchart.jpg
Daily Production Flowchart.jpg
DentaLab for QuickBooks Home.png
Customer Center.png
Case Entry.png
DentaLab for QuickBooks Master Schedule.png
DentaLab for QuickBooks Case List.png
DentaLab for QuickBooks Reports.png

The above is our DQB Standard version. Be sure to check out our Starter version.

DQB Starter is designed for smaller labs and for use on a single station. 

Check out more information here


The above is a small portion of DQB...
With the same look and feel, DentaLab for QuickBooks adds these case management features to synchronize with the accounting and financial management of QuickBooks
  • Case entry and tracking

  • Inhouse work centers, outsource locations

  • Quality control issues/reasons, feedback form: standard/custom

  • Case stages, types, tooth shades, ship methods

  • Date tracking: received, start, end, ship, doctor's request

  • Lab notes, phrases in one or multiple languages

  • Track case enclosures, doctor materials

  • Customer alerts

  • Track remakes, by cause, doctor, work center, technician, item

  • Case labels: selection from standard, custom

  • List of doctors to be called

  • Image scanning of prescriptions, case documents

  • Can associate graphic images sent by doctor to case records

  • Ability to invoice case, add items, automatic taxation, discounting

  • Custom price levels by doctor or groups of doctors

  • Provides variety of case reports to meet request dates, lab schedules, track remakes, quality control, technicians, etc.

  • Reports and forms can be viewed/printed, sent to file, customized

  • Email notifications of cases received, shipped

  • Case searches by number, doctor, patient, pan, date

  • Flowcharts

  • Automatic scheduling, flexibility, fine-tuning

  • Standard procedures and/or custom case design

  • Can easily rearrange sequence of case items

  • Can rolldown schedule when editing

  • Can halt scheduling to send to doctor, reactivate

  • Case planning, written case plans

  • Customer preferences by workcenter

  • Track status of a case: in progress, on hold, out for tryin, finished

  • Work tickets/lab slips: selection from standards, custom

  • Case notes, item notes

  • Schedule pickups, print pickup/delivery lists

  • Lab schedule snapshots

  • Can pre-assign technicians, print technician work lists

  • Barcoded case tracking, quality control, shipping, technicians work

  • Technician incentive pay calculations

  • Technician productivity analysis

  • Production analysis by unlimited groupings

  • Customer analysis by unlimited groupings

  • Customer activity/non-activity analysis

  • Case histories

Be sure to check out our DQB add-on supplements, tutorials, features, and support options
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