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Mainstreet Systems is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
Mainstreet Systems in association with the Microsoft Partner Network
DentaLab for QuickBooks is designed to be used in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mainstreet Systems is a an intuit developer and we specialize in synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks products.


  • Critical dates prominently displayed for entry, start, end, ship and doctor request.


  • Work can be assigned to individual technicians in advance, as work progresses, or credited upon completion.


  • Work tickets, shipping, invoicing can be generated by individual case or by batch.


  • Work ticket choices, such as full page, half-page, barcodes, colors, custom


  • Case label variety of choices, full page or continuous forms on label printers.


  • Technician work lists can be generated daily to provide control and targets.


  • Cases can be located quickly and easily in the laboratory based on work center, date, completions and other search criteria.


  • Complete case histories are readily available for you, the dental office, to meet FDA requirements.


  • Standard procedures provide templates of standard cases, work centers, items, timing for management control and completeness as well as faster, more accurate case entry.These can be modified at case entry by adding, editing or deleting items and multiple procedures can be used to build a case or to handle case stages.


  • Quality control issues, either internal or from doctors, can be recorded, analyzed and reported.


  • Materials disclosure, specifying manufacturer, part codes/descriptions, lots and batches, made easy for FDA/GMP/DAMAS compliance or for recalls.


  • Activity logs to track customer communications and service, quality control, marketing and other issues by topic, entry and alert dates.





Case Management 


  • Case information for billable items is transferred to QuickBooks for invoices, purchase orders, may be edited and have discounts and taxation applied when appropriate.


  • Case fields can be transferred to QuickBooks for patient, pan, case number, tooth numbers, shade, date entered, date requested for use in QuickBooks invoice, statements, queries and reports.


  • Lab can choose to print invoices in DentaLab or in QuickBooks, by single case or by batches.


  • Availability of many note-taking areas for cases, case planning, pickup requests, case items, case communications.Each lab can develop their own set of lab notes for easy insertion into note-taking fields and to assure correct spelling and technical terms.


  • It supports excellent ongoing communication with dental offices through a variety of features such as online prescriptions, pickup requests, case status reports, email notifications, reports and forms, doctor’s preferences by work center and item, case planning, scanning of prescriptions and other case documents including graphics sent by doctor, with easy retrieval of these and case histories.


  • Rapid case entry can be achieved through the use of standard procedures, selections from lists, lab-defined settings….even faster from online prescriptions stored with case.


  • Automatic scheduling based on work centers, master schedules, existing workloads, schedule factors, holidays, doctor requests, multiple stages.


  • Doctor preferences by work center and by item, standing instructions on screen and printed on work tickets, for use in completing work and quality control.





"DentaLab for QuickBooks is pretty easy to maneuver."


Angie Guilbeau

Summit Laboratories

Louisiana, USA


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