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A secure online web portal for your dental lab customers


DentalRX and DentalRX Direct



DRX is an add-on to DentaLab for QuickBooks to provide for online entry of prescriptions from the dental office.

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Online Case History


Customers Enter Cases



"Your software and support have been great through the years. I have nothing but great things to say about you guys!"


Jeff Thomas, CDT

Aesthetic Arts

Louisiana, USA



The idea for the DentaRX software began with one of our User Group meetings. Mainstreet

Systems was asked to develop software that would allow a dentist to create an easy-to-read, accurate prescription, while using items of the laboratory where the prescription will be sent.


The DentalRX software has been developed as a service to be provided by each laboratory to its accounts including individual dentists, group practices, clinics, universities, hospitals, governments and other laboratories.

Quick, Convenient, Easy


DentalRX creates an simple way for your customers to create prescriptions via the internet. They can specify patient's name, teeth, shade, request date, lab procedure(s), case enclosure(s), and any special notes or instructions.  You can also attach electronic images and documents. 

Secure Transmission


All communication between the dental office and lab is encrypted. Each of your customers is assigned a unique user login and password. Admin controls allow you to reset passwords and manage access by your customers.  

Better Communication


The online portal gives your customers convenient access to their records. Emails and messages can be quickly sent and received. Each customer can view the online history for each of their cases. 



DentalRX can be included in your website and is highly customizable. We can make DentalRX have the same look and feel as your current website.   If you wish, you can have your marketing messages displayed each time the dental office accesses the portal.  DentalRx Direct is a standalone portal for direct communication between the lab and dental office.   


DentalRX Direct


Mainstreet Systems & Software Inc. has had proven success with our DentalRX system for a number of years. DentalRx tied into existing websites to provide an online case submittal portal.


​To improve upon this and make this process even easier than before, we have developed DentalRX Direct, a stand-alone online portal with quick setup and quick case submittal access.

DentaLab for QuickBooks DentalRX Direct Preview

DentalRx homepage
DentalRx Prescription Entry 1
DentalRx Prescription Entry 2
What does DentalRX and DentalRX Direct provide for both you and your customers?

For both the laboratory and the dental practice, DRX provides these different possibilities:

  • Easier-to-read prescriptions

  • More complete, accurate information

  • Selection from tables provides consistency where needed

  • Prescription format provides tooth chart, open space for diagrams

  • Fewer errors due to misunderstanding

  • Better communication via special instructions, remake reasons


  • Multiple copies of prescription to accompany case materials, place in patient and/or date files

  • Optional transmission of prescription via email for scheduling, discussion

  • Eliminates need for expensive pre-printed forms

  • Creates a record of the prescription that can be accessed at later time

For the dental practice, DRX provides:

  • Simplified entry of prescription

  • Convenient calendar for selection of dates

  • Free-form special instructions when needed

  • Can be setup by assistant, reviewed and signed by doctor

  • DentalRx provides a generic way for labs to let the dental offices know their registrations with digital dental providers such as 3Shape and Itero and to alert the lab when sending a prescription that digital files have been sent to their registered email or website location.

  • Easier tracking of requested forms

  • Handy prescription histories for patient, fee tracking

  • Quick and easy access to information by dates or patient name

  • Secured access to case records

For the dental laboratory, DRX provides:

  • Easier, more accurate case entry

  • Case procedures already selected by doctor

  • Time/Cost savings due to less errors and omissions

  • Quality control input based on remake reasons

  • Opportunity to provide additional service to your account

What are the differences between DentalRx and DentalRx Direct?

Online case submittal portal for your doctors


Base template for a clean look


Hyperlink added to existing website


We can customize the portal for you


Integration into your website (we try to match the same look and feel for a better transition)


Custom security options


We work with your website developers


Custom links/dns options


You get to give us input on how you want the portal to work with DentaLab for QuickBooks                 

DentalRx Direct



Note: Both DentalRx and DentalRx Direct have a initial setup fee.

Interested in a DentaLab for QuickBooks DentalRX or DentalRX Direct?

If you are interested in DRX we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact us: by phone +1 (800) 257-4535 or email


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