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Mainstreet Systems is a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
Mainstreet Systems in association with the Microsoft Partner Network
DentaLab for QuickBooks is designed to be used in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Mainstreet Systems is a an intuit developer and we specialize in synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks products.




  • Excellent audit trails and easy-to-use search facilities for your information.


  • Standard reports are very flexible to select and report the information that is most useful to you. Custom reports can easily be developed for your specific needs.


  • Find and filter opportunities for the user to quickly search for and/or limit information in screen grids or reports.


  • Grids of selected information provide for easy scrolling and selection of a specific record with ascending or descending sorts by clicking any column.


  • Queries and/or changes on case content or timing from doctors can be handled quickly and efficiently.


  • Due lists based on dates, work centers, case status (including in lab, past due, on hold, out for try-in) can be generated at any time to screen or print to control work and assure its timely completion.


  • Many reports provide a choice of highly detailed or summary formats.


  • Laboratory snapshot summary for overview of workload by work center, case statuses, counts

  • Cases to be shipped reports provide for sorting by ship method, case type, dates.


  • Product Group reporting for unlimited groupings of production items (products/services) to show work in progress, work completed, counts and values.


  • Customer Group reporting for unlimited groupings by customers and items (products/services) to show work invoiced, counts and values for standard cases, adjustments and remakes.


  • Sales Category reporting for unlimited groupings of items (products/services) to show work invoiced, counts and values for standard cases, adjustments and remakes.


  • Combined with QuickBooks reports for accounting and financial management, you have a huge array of queries and reports from many different viewpoints….you are the one who selects the criteria.You also can choose from a variety of formats such as Adobe Portable Data Format (PDF) for issuing to your customers, to your accountant, your bank, other software.


Great query and reporting features let you access your information the way you want to

"The speed of the system (DQB) has been great... everything is working great."


Kevin Ohlendorf

Space Maintainers of the Midwest

Missouri, USA


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